My Dog Rocky

My Dog Rocky

I used to have a dog named Rocky, he died a couple years ago. We had a dog named sassy before we had him, but she died shortly after giving birth to her puppy and it died as soon as it came out. It was shortly after Christmas that my cousin Ryan’s dog Molly had pups of her own we went over to see them and i picked up rocky he wasn’t named then. My cousin Tori ¬†and my sister Brittany also had picked up one of the pups they named them Fran and Rex,I knew we weren’t going to be able to keep one so i named him, but i didn’t ever call him that name. I guess my cousin noticed i had got attached to Rocky cause out of everyone i spent the most time with them, Because the next day he brought him over to my Grandmas house where i was spending Christmas and said merry Christmas and in his arms in a blanket was Rocky. I took him he looked exactly like Sassy white with a big brown spot on his back. I named him rocky because i would lay down with him on the floor and let him wonder. He would usually make his way to my back climb up on it then make his way up to my neck and sleep there while i watched TV. When he was grown up after a couple years we really started to bond then always messing with each other playing tug a war with some of his toys. He liked playing tug a war with me cause i would never make it easy for him to win like the others did. When we lost rocky i was on summer vacation we went to the lake, but something in his back disc was causing him a lot of pain and soon wasn’t able to move his bag legs soon his front as well that’s when i finally had to make the hardest decision of my life. We had the vets…put him down to end his pain.

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